Chapter 5: One more go at beating the bear (November 2019)

Whilst I had observed several positive developments in the form submitted to my income protection provider, I had also been quite surprised by how little I was doing each day.

Somewhat predictably perhaps, over the next couple of months I found myself trying to find a way of fitting more into my day.

I tried all sorts of different things like changing the order in which I was doing things, bringing forward lunch so I could sleep earlier in the day and make more use of the afternoon, pushing back lunch to fit more into the morning, skipping my afternoon nap on alternate days. Pretty much everything I could think of.

After 2 months, all I had achieved was to exhaust myself cognitively every day with all the planning involved. When it came down to it, the only thing that worked consistently was the original template I had happened upon. Some days I can manage to do a bit more than this, but only if I don’t try to plan it – just go with the flow. Even then, there will be a price to pay the next day.

In the final analysis, the only thing that I have definitively proven is that sticking to the rules is my best chance of getting a few of the most important things done each day without taking too much of a mauling.